White Label
Paid Search Services

White label Paid Search services are designed for marketing agencies which do not have Paid Search as their main competency or need to handle overflow of their paid search accounts. If you need a reliable partner to take care of your clients Paid Search needs, you are in the right place.

Reasons people choose Ardos


While managing accounts of your clients, we understand the importance of having a proper communication. Besides providing weekly and monthly reports, we join your Slack workspace or use any other communication tool to provide you quick responses and in-house feel.

Result oriented

As agency owners ourselves, bringing years of Paid Search and sales knowledge, we don’t onboard accounts without believing in their success. Before onboarding we go through a questionnaire to identify constraints related to account setup and management, budget, goal tracking, landing pages, and competitive landscape.

Reporting that proves success

You will receive reports based on your client’s business needs. The reports will be branded to your agency's logo. Our clear, easy-to-read reporting will help you have your clients trust and build meaningful conversations.

Scaling your business

We make it easy to scale your business and add an additional revenue to your bottom line. There is no need to attract, interview, hire, onboard, compensate, and keep in-house Paid Search specialists.

We are invisible to your clients

This means Paid Search management for your clients is done totally behind the scenes. Your clients would not know we exist. It is as if the work was done by your in-house team.

We follow an optimization routine

We cover all the important aspects of paid search optimization on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. It allows us to be proactive and apply solutions to issues in the early stages.

Perform better

  1. Schedule a free strategy call

  2. Contact us today for a free no-commitment consultation. It’s important to get to know you personally and learn about your business and past paid search activities.

  3. Get actionable insights

  4. We’ll review your account and you will receive recommendations on improvements. We’ll build an account strategy with a roadmap and an action plan.

  5. Improve your account performance

  6. The real work starts after we launch your campaigns not before. We consistently improve the accounts performance through iterative testing, data analytics and by leveraging automation.

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